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Help By Evenah

Providing Spiritual Insights & Edu-tainment.

As part of the C4 30-Day Podcast Challenge (C4 stands for "Content Creators of Color Collective")- where I'm sharing content every day for 30 days straight 😳 - I am bringing to you The MeMyddleton Show "Shadow  Work  Series". 

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This 30-Day Series will go over some things we would like to keep in the shadows, but will bring into the light.

These are the things we want NO ONE to know about ourselves. In most cases, we hide these aspects of ourselves so well, we hide them from our own selves.

These "shadow" sides of us is not "evil", just things we hide from others and/or ourselves that may bring about negative feelings, such as shame or embarrassment. Or negative actions, such as being ousted, attacked or imprisoned.

For example:

Maybe you're someone that thinks of themselves as being a sweet romantic catch and anyone with lots of money would/should want you (happily delusional)... but, the truth is you have absolutely nothing to offer and even YOU wouldn't want you. But, you are refusing to look closer at this part of you to even admit it. Thus unable to recognize this side of yourself (A.K.A. bring into the light) to even make the choice to either accept & live with it, or change it up.

However, during this process, you are not ever required to share or perform these tasks for anyone else to see. This is extremely personal and for your eyes and evolution only! 


Me? I'm being transparent just enough to share myself with you to offer some added confidence and encouragement for you to do this for yourself. If you need any assistance with any of the tasks, I'm here for you. Send me an email to [email protected]

Being able to look closely at ourselves, recognize the shadow parts of us and bringing it into the light is what is known as Shadow Work. It will take a significant amount of courage to venture off into this healing process. Evolving in my spiritual journey is highly important to me. So, I'm going right along with this myself because I see the benefits of this healing module.

Do you?

Are you ready to begin this journey?

We begin February 1, 2022.

Shadow  Work Series

Day 1: Dear Lil Me...

In this episode, we will take a close look at our child-version of ourselves. We will allow that child and our adult selves to write a letter to each other. I introduce to you, Meme (pronounced "mee-mee"), the child I was and the origin of this podcast's name. Follow along and listen to the letters we wrote to each each other.

Day 2: I Got It From My Daddy/Mama!

In this episode, we are looking at some of the attributes we got from our parents that we just might not approve of that we actually demonstrate, too. Your mom's eyes? Your Dad's forehead? Their negative ideas about anything? Immediate responses to certain things? What are yours? Listen in and hear mine.

Day 3: PLAYTIME!!!

Remember playing as a child? Remember the games and fun activities we did? That was true MAGIC! But, why don't we do those anymore? Listen in on today's episode.

Day 4: Too Critical

Ever looked at someone and didn't like how the behaved, or talked, or move about, or look? Ever just "go in" on them so hard that it could or have hurt their feelings unnecessaarily?

Have you ever done that about yourself? Are you too critical about yourself? I know I have been. Listen in now.

Day 5: My Hero/Shero!

As children, we looked up to some really spectacular people. These individuals - famous icons and everyday folks - possess qualities, talents and attributes that we desire to have, too. Who were some of your most favorite people whom you wanted to emulate? I shared a list of a few people whom I've looked up to. Do we share some of the same individuals? Listen in now and find out!

Day 6: Family Feud

Family is EVERYTHING! As much as we love our family, there are those family members whom we really don't care for.

What are these qualities in your family members do you most dislike or prefer not to deal with? What do those qualities reveal about you?

Day 7: Spiritual Practice & You

There is indeed a Shadow Side to Spirituality. This episode might get under your skin or give you alexithymia because we want to think of spirituality as a pure and safe place to be. Think about your chosen spiritual or even religious practice and answer the questions illustrated in the episode.

Day 8: Raise Your Hand If You’re ”Assured”

What does confidence means to you? When you lack confidence the most, what situation/s are you in? What does that look like? Did your upbringing or social conditioning contribute? What about your outdated beliefs? Let's discuss these here in this episode!

Day 9: The Gratitude List

What is a Gratitude List? And how can it significantly change your life positively? Want to know what's on my list? Tune in!

Day 10: The Self-Love List

What is a "Self-Love" List? And how can it significantly change your life positively? Want to know what's on my list? Tune in!

Day 11: Go to Hell, You Raggedy B!+(#!

When was the last time you thought of, said or did something cruel or nasty to someone to make them hurt or feel bad? What was the feeling behind your action? Did they piss you off? Did you have this immense need to "get them back"? Want to here a time when I said something mean? Listen in!

Day 12: Secrecy

My badd. I didn't explain to you exactly what Shadow Work is. Nonetheless, it is something hidden... in Secrecy. Want to know my secrects? Listen in NOW!

Day 13: Self (Not) Care

Life can keep us very busy. We have home to care for, children, cooking. cleaning. Working. Let's explore 5ways you need to take care of yourself more. How are you going to change in order to take care of yourself more? Want to hear mine? Listen in NOW!

Day 14: Sexual Healing

Are you comfortable expressing your sexual needs and desires? Do you feel shame, embarrassment, disgusted or inadequate when it comes to sex? Let's talk about it for a second.

Day 15: Siblings

Sibling... am I right? Do you have any? This includes cousins and those who you've embraced as your siblings. Do they disappoint, provoke, irritate or otherwise hurt you? Do you see yourself in them? And, no, I'm not talking about 'looking like them' either. Ha! Well, I'm talking about all 11 of my siblings. Yep! There are 12 of us. Listen in now as I speak about my sibling relationships!

Day 16: Baby Steps of Mirror Work

Mirror Work is a spiritual healing technique that requires you to look at yourself fully in the mirror. This has been proven to be a difficult task for most. Can you look at yourself closely in the mirror? What do you see? How does it make you feel? Listen now to what I see of myself!

Day 17: Lies

Everyone on Earth has told at least 1 lie. What lies have you told to others and/or yourself? Want to know what I've been lying about?

Day 18: It's Just Jokes, Right?

Did you know that jokes reveal things in your shadow to be reviewed? What type of jokes do you like? Satyr? Self-Deprecating? Sexual Jokes? I LOVE to laugh, and my sense of humor is something else. Want to hear which ones I like?

Day 19: Self Beliefs

A Limiting Self Belief is a state of mind or belief about yourself that restricts you in some way. Yes, I too experienced limiting beliefs and I share one here in this episode. Check it out now!

Day 20: From 0 to 1,000

There are events that happen in small moments in our lives that "triggers" us to go from 0 to 1,000 in3.2 seconds. We become so angry or defensive without warning in front of others without thinking clearly. What are those events that "grinds your gears" and sends you from 0 to 1,000 quickly? I will tell you 2 of mine. Listen in now!

Day 21: Cultures

One of the definitions of culture is "the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other group." Which ancient or modern culture do you admire the most, would love to belong to, yet feel very foreign? Let's reveal important aspects of our Golden Shadow! What's a Golden Shadow? Discover that in this episode now!

Day 22:I Got a Big Ego?

Often times, people identify the Ego as something negative. But, Ego is really just a person's self-esteem, self-importance or how much a person values themselves. Which positive trait of your ego do you let shine to the world and which ones do you repress? Want to hear mines?

Day 23: Here Comes the Judge

Do you possess or display an excessively critical point of view? What’s the difference between opinionated and judgmental? When was the last time you harshly judged/gave your unsolicited opinions about something? I gave my unsolicited opinion about someone here. Want to hear about who it was? Listen in now!

Day 24: Don't Wake Me, I'm Dreamin'!

Want the Shadow Self to reveal what we secretly fear or desire? Examine your dreams and daydreams, which are windows to the Shadow Self. Have you had any repeated dreams or daydreams that were unsettling or disturbing recently? Want to hear my disturbing and unsettling dreams? Tune in this 2-part episode now!

Day 25: If It Ain't About the Money

Does everyone like money? Would you believe the answer is “no”? What is your personal relationship with money? There are Shadows over money as well. Let’s explore these money shadows AND discover my money shadows!

Day 26: Welcome To Your Shadow Side

With this exercise, you will get to discover and create a clear representation of your shadow self. Are you ready to meet the Shadow side of yourself and see what that looks like? Want to see mines?

Day 27: Transforming Into the Light

This exercise is designed to assist you in leaving all those things that no longer serve you in the shadows and allow you to step into your beautiful transformed self? Let’s transform together!

Day 28: Thank You For Being Brave!

I know I told you all “30-Day Challenge”. However, that’s what the creator of this challenge called it. You see, the C4 30-Day Content Challenge Season 1 began in October 2021 that lasted for 30 days. Here in 2022, the Challenge continued during Black History Month (seeing as how C4 stands for “Content Creators of COLOR Collective”). And, as we all know, February has 28 days (29 on Leap Year). So, don’t fuss at me. With that being said, this is the LAST DAY OF THE MONTH and THIS IS THE LAST DAY OF THE C4 CONTENT CHALLENGE! YAAAAAAY!

For everyone that went through each challenge, I want to thank you for being so brave. I wish you continued healing, growth and auspiciousness to you and your endeavors!